June 12, 2012


Did you have a good Bank Holiday weekend? We hope that you did. There was many a reason to celebrate, get merry and have a drink or two.

The events held for the Queen’s Jubliee were wonderful and so many people enjoyed them. We want to talk about the theme of celebration. We all love to celebrate (so we should!), after working hard we want to enjoy ourselves.

The problem comes though when we want to celebrate and forget to be responsible. One of the ways people do this is getting into their car and driving after celebrating. If you are having friends over  and they have drove, suggest taking a taxi back home. Or try and arrange a car pool, so that one person is sober and is able to take everyone home. You could also invite people to sleep over. It’s better to crash out on the floor for the night rather than crashing your car and causing an injury to yourself and other drivers.

We want you to celebrate, but we also urge you to be responsible. If you are going to drink leave the keys at home!

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