August 7, 2015

Stress Free Driving

Many of us often forget how much time we spend in our cars.

Think about all the times you go to work, the time you sit in traffic, or the times you go to the grocery store, drive to your mum’s or mother-in-law’s homes.

Our cars can be filled with everything from chocolate wrappers and empty coffee cups, to kid’s toys and general grub from the roads.

Given that we spend so much time in our cars, it makes sense to keep them as clean as possible. This doesn’t mean spending hours hoovering it out it just means keeping in good shape so whenever you get into your care you feel a sense of peace.

Think about the quick things you can do, how about taking it to get washed; you can have it done whilst you sit in your car. Maybe pop in an air-freshener or a bottle of Febreeze to spray every so often, keep some nibbles in the car for when you get hungry. One tip I was given was to keep a notepad and a few pens in your car, you always remember to do something as you’re driving somewhere. When you park up jot down your notes and rip it out so you remember to do it!

Happy driving from Britannia!