April 10, 2015

Driving in Traffic

For many of us, driving in traffic is a part of our day to day lives. Whether it is on the school run, amongst a stream of other parents picking up or dropping the kids off at school, or on the daily commute to work, hitting the rush hour traffic especially in cities – Driving in heavy traffic is just unavoidable.

As traffic is not something that can be avoided, it is necessary to learn how to handle these situations properly. Remember, Safety first. This means ensuring correct distances between yourself and the vehicle in front, as well as ensuring you do not stop suddenly or without warning, to prevent the driver behind going into the back of you, especially if they are following too closely.

As well as being safe, you also have to consider courteous driving – Especially if you are trying to impress your examiner on your driving test! Slowing down to allow other drivers out in front of you will score you brownie points, so keep an eye out and show some generosity to other road users.

Safe driving from Britannia!