August 6, 2015

Charged For Soaking Pedestrians

A man has been charged after claims of repeatedly soaking pedestrians by deliberately driving through large puddles. The 20-year-old is alleged to have committed the offences on three separate occasions and on two different days earlier this month.

Officers from Police Scotland were made aware of the incidents after receiving reports of soakings, which are said to have taken place on 4th July and again on Monday. It is alleged a man soaked the pedestrians while driving along the Esplanade at Broughty Ferry. There is regular flooding at the side of the road.

It is not known what the man has been charged under but it is most likely s3 of the Road Traffic Act, careless and inconsiderate driving.

This comes after a motorist in Essex was charged under that section after allegedly drenching young children by driving through a puddle as they walked to their primary school. He was caught by a passing policeman, who witnessed the incident in Colchester.

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