March 16, 2009

Speed Camera Numbers Treble

The number of speed cameras has almost trebled in just six years, according to figures released by the Government.

There was a surge in the use of national safety camera programme between 2001 and 2007, with the total number of sites increasing from 1,672 to 4,737. This together with a rise in speeding fines from £40 to £60 led to revenue increasing from just over £10 million in 2001 to £120 million in 2007.

All the money raised during the national safety camera programme was spent on buying more cameras, leading to accusations that they were a stealth tax on motorist.

The Department for Transport scrapped the programme in 2007 in an attempt to defuse the controversy.
The 38 Camera Partnerships now have to hand the revenue to the Treasury and then apply for a grant from a road safety fund

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