March 13, 2009

Banned From Teaching & Driving

Susan Barnard, 55, was branded as the worst teacher in Scotland and has been banned from the roads over a suspected drink-driving accident when she crashed into a parked vehicle just weeks after becoming the first teach in the country to be struck off for incompetence.

Perth Sheriff Court yesterday heard she had “something of a background” over drink-driving offences.
Fiscal depute Lucy Keane told the court: “On a Friday evening at 8.15pm, the accused was seen at a shop. She appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

“She was seen to leave the shop and go to her car, which was parked outside.

“She maneuvered her car and reversed into a parked vehicle, causing a small amount of damage to that vehicle.”

“Police officers spoke to her and it was apparent she was under the influence of alcohol. The breath test procedure was explained to her but she refused.”

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