March 18, 2009

Will changes to road tax force your car off the road?

On May 1st, new changes will come into play regarding road tax affecting all drivers. These new changes are aimed it pollution heavy vehicles receiving a sharp increase in road tax, in order to promote more environmental friendly vehicles.

The environmentally friendly plan has sparked outrage when it emerged some drivers would have to pay £245 a year extra – this led to the changes being diluted in last November’s mini budget. Currently, cars registered after March 2001 are split into seven bangs – A to G – depending on the vehicle’s CO2 emissions.

Band A cars, producing less than 100g of CO2 per km pay nothing. But owners in Band G, with more than 225g/km or C02 and registered after March 23rd 2006, pay a staggering £400 per year.

From May 1st the total number of bands will almost double to 13 and take in all cars registered after March 2001.

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