June 28, 2017

Space is Grace

If you’re abiding to the speed limit, don’t be intimidated if another motorist gets right up your behind – whether they’re in a hurry or not, they’re breaking the law! The same applies to yourself; don’t get too close to the car in front even if they’re driving slower than the limit; they could be nervous, lost or have only recently passed their test.

It’s important to give enough space so that if anything happens, you have time to stop without ploughing into the back of another car. Use the ‘tyres and tarmac’ trick, ensuring you can see the person in front’s rear wheels and a fair amount of the road above your bonnet.

Not only is allowing plenty of space a safer way to drive; it’s also common courtesy! In the same way that you would when out of the vehicle, treat others the way you would expect to be treated.

Safe driving from Britannia!