May 9, 2014

Driver Etiquette

Whilst many of ours are either drivers ourselves, or are currently learning how to drive, a surprising number of people are still unfamiliar with driver etiquette – the belief that you should show courtesy, consideration and manners to your fellow drivers on the roads.

Most driving instructors will teach you only how to pass your test, however learning driver etiquette will usually only come after extensive experience on the roads. Allowing another driver to drive first through a gap when there is no explicit right-of-way, thanking other drivers for allowing you through, or even something as simple as maintaining patience behind a learner driver who may be driving too slowly, rather than overtaking, which can often intimidate an inexperienced driver.

As the old adage goes, manners cost nothing, and just because you are behind a wheel does not make you exempt from displaying them.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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