June 27, 2017

Mind That Child!

We all remember being young and thinking we were invincible. Despite the heightened emphasis on road safety these days, children will be children, so keep your eyes peeled and your speed down when driving through built-up and pedestrianised areas. In such areas, children are notorious for crossing between parked cars, or running out into the road in pursuit of a football, etc. in which case you need to have your wits about you and remember that the faster you’re driving, the less time you have to stop.

It’s equally as advisable to take extra care when driving around sharp bends, pulling out at junctions or in adverse weather conditions, such as fog, when children in particular are less easy to spot. Hitting a child (or any pedestrian, for that matter) can be fatal and isn’t really something you want to be responsible for!

Safe driving from Britannia!