July 24, 2014

Self-Driving Cars Narrowly Avoid A Crash

Google has been advocating the benefits of its self-driving cars for years, so a team of stuntmen decided to put the technology to the test.

The tests were carried out at the Mojave Desert, California.

As they went around the track at speeds of 50 mph, the motorists switched on the smart cruise control and lane assist features, which allowed the cars to drive the 6.4 mile circuit unaided.

At this point, a large lorry with a flatbed drove alongside and four of the stuntmen climbed out through the roofs, and jumped unaided onto the back of the HGV.

Only the driver at the front of the convoy stayed in the car, knowing there were four cars travelling behind him with no-one at the wheel.

He then crossed his arms, with the lorry pulling up on front and slamming on the breaks.

The Hyundai’s automatic emergency braking system immediately kicked in and the car came to a standstill before it could smash into the track. The four driverless cars behind also slammed the brakes on – preventing a serious accident.

The cars did exactly what Hyundai promised they could and all drivers and vehicles came out unscathed.

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