May 3, 2013

Google Uses Terminator Technology in Car of the Future

Google continues to make headlines with its development of the autonomous automobile. Even this week a new image has appeared on the web of how the technology views its surroundings… And this may be familiar to Arnold Schwarzenegger fans around the world.

The image seems oddly reminiscent of the vision of Schwarzenegger’s famous sci-fi character ‘The Terminator’, made famous in the cult 1984 film of the same name. The shot demonstrates the 360-degree field of view of the technology.

The image comes courtesy of Idea lab’s founder Bill Gross, who also adds that the vehicle is capable of gathering almost 1GB of data per second- which translates as roughly 1000 separate pieces of information – as it simultaneously analyses the surrounding area and potential hazards.

Whilst Google launched their Self-Driving Cars three years ago, they were unable to obtain a licence to test their invention on public roads until this time last year. However they have certainly made up for lost time; by covering over 300,000 miles of test drives in Nevada – where the law was passed for autonomous cars to be legally operated – and all of this without one single accident. These findings led to Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles declaring last June that the car is just as safe as a human driver – if not even safer.

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