July 25, 2014

Hot Weather Driving

Whilst the last few weeks most of Britain has been experiencing a welcome heatwave, giving us a hot summer to remember, many motorists may not be aware of the negative implications this could have on your vehicle.

Driving in heat can have certain repercussions on your car, ranging from mild annoyances and uncomfortable driving experiences, all the way to full-blown catastrophes if the problems are not prevented or treated fast enough.

For example, whilst many drivers are aware of the problems cold weather can have on your battery life, it is a relatively little-known fact that opposite conditions can have the same detrimental effect. If your car is not stored in a cool location such as a garage, then prolonged exposure to the hot elements can significantly decrease the batteries life span. Always check this and ensure that the battery is fully charged before any journey, especially any long trip.

Also always make sure that your Air conditioning unit is functioning properly. Whilst it can be nice to have the windows down instead when driving along, if your car is stationary for a prolonged time (such as in a traffic jam) during the heatwave, then opening the windows will simply be allowing more unwanted hot air into the vehicle. Check that your Air-Con is working before setting off for a drive.

Do you have any other tips for our summer drivers? Let us know in the comments section below!

Safe driving from Britannia!

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