August 2, 2010


Drivers using GPS navigation systems should be wary of the instructions given as a number of drivers have had some serious mishaps when relying on the devise as opposed to their common sense.

One motorist drove along 20ft of a railway line when his sat nav told him to take the next right, instructions should not be taken literally!

A school bus driver tapped Hampton Court – London into his sat nav and ended up down a narrow street in Islington as opposed to the grand Tudor palace in Richmond. The school children unfortunately missed out on their outing and the company had to reimburse the school.

Another coach driver made a huge blunder when he was taking a group of 50 workers on a Christmas shopping trip to France. The coach didn’t quite make it on time after they ended up in a village with the same name in Belgium. This shows that the driver was so oblivious to road signs and his common sense that he ended up 98 miles in the wrong direction.

Even more worryingly a footballer who broke his leg whilst playing in North Wales was left waiting for nearly half an hour for an ambulance when the paramedics sat nav sent them the wrong way.

Natasha Simper of Britannia Driving School said: “Don’t give up on the map just yet, drivers could all do with brushing up on their geography skills instead of becoming reliant on a piece of technology. I agree with many that sat nav’s are very useful and can allow us more freedom, but my advice is to let it guide you in the right direction but keep your wits about you and read road signs”

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