July 30, 2010


Over 250 miles of road in and around London are to be reserved for only the elite.

Officials, sponsors, politicians, the media and athletes will have their own congestion free lanes, including parts of the M25 to make travelling to the Olympic stadium as stress free as possible.

It is not just the designated lanes that will cost money to implement, but the 200 traffic lights which will be adapted to keep officials on the move.

Ordinary members of the public despite paying road tax could be fined up to £5000 for straying into these reserved lanes.

It is thought that tougher parking restrictions for residents, general maintenance put on hold and even more congestion for everybody else will cause outrage with members of the public. Many have already expressed their disgust at the plans:

“Hasn’t the taxpayer paid for these roads? What right do they have to take them away from us? Will we get road tax deductions then? The roads are already congested and this will just grid lock them.”

“Gridlock for four weeks and then six months to unblock it.”

Natasha Simper of Britannia Driving School said: “I understand the need to cause as little upset as possible during the games and for the Olympics to be as successful as possible athletes and officials need to be there on time and be able to travel from their accommodation to the stadium quickly and safely. However, it seems that this can only happen at the expense of everyone else. It is a good job that we don’t host the Olympics every time.”

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