August 3, 2010

More than half of motorists admit to unsafe driving

More than half of motorists have admitted to engaging in unsafe driving practices, according to a new survey.

Research published by the Co-operative indicates that 54 per cent of motorists make irresponsible driving choices on a regular basis.

The most common practice is eating and drinking whilst driving at speed, to which 53 per cent admit to, while 12 per cent often smoke a cigarette behind the wheel.

Seven per cent talk on their mobile phone despite many campaigns publicising its illegality, while six per cent admit to putting on make up or even getting dressed while driving.

Co-operative Insurance functional leader Grant Mitchell says the figures are a damning indictment of UK driving practices.

“Taking a sip of a drink or a quick bite of a sandwich whilst driving may seem harmless however the consequence of taking your full concentration off the road could result in a road traffic accident which could change lives forever,” he said.

These findings follow the news that some vital road safety programmes are being disbanded by local authorities following public spending cuts, road safety charity Brake reported last week.

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