March 25, 2014

Posture When Driving

After startling figures were released this week revealing that 80% of Britons suffer from severe lower back pain when driving, Britannia has decided to emphasise the importance of correct posture when driving:

1.) Firstly reduce the seat to its lowest and farthest back point. Then from here, raise the height of the seat and inch it forward so that your knees and hips are level.

2.) You should be able to firmly press all of the pedals without your back leaving the seat. If you need to lean forward at all, your seat is too far back.

3.) Keep your back straight. Although many cars have a recline position for their driver’s seat, this is not the best position to use. The farther forward the better (not only for good posture, but also in the event of an accident).

4.) Adjust the head-rest and the seat-belts so both are firm, yet not too constricting. You should feel comfortable, yet safe when driving.

5.) Move the steering wheel into the optimum position. This is found when you can easily see over the top of the wheel, and can rest your wrists on the top of the wheel without it being too far down towards your legs.

If you’re going to be driving this spring, make sure that you have the correct posture, or you may regret it later!

Safe driving from Britannia!

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