July 21, 2008

Police Driving incidents on the increase

Many accidents per year are caused by wreck less and careless driving. Drink driving is an obvious main component but many accidents are also caused by tiredness, eating whilst driving, speaking on the mobile and other activities that take drivers hundred percent concentrations off the road.

When these accidents occur, the prime thing that happens is the Emergency services are called. As it is an emergency, the services will arrive as soon as they can to the incident spot. As they are in a hurry, Police often cut lights, put their own blue flashing lights onto warn others and drive at very high speed. They also are allowed to drive through traffic and travel in the hard shoulder on motorways.

The driving the Police carry out in these situations often lead to further accidents. Although the Police drivers have been specifically trained to arrive promptly and drive appropriately, they still sometimes cause accidents.

The accidents the Police create result in whiplash, broken bones and in some cases death. Figures released by Parliament reveal that the number of car accidents involving Police have increased thirty percent in a year.

It is clear that Police drivers have to maintain a high standard due to the nature of their work. It is the responsibility of all other drivers to behave responsibly when they see or hear a emergency service approach if they do not or are caught at the wrong time when Police are responding to emergencies then there are some severe consequences. Take care when you see an emergency patrol approaching, ensuring your own safety, your passengers and fellow drivers. Drive Safe!

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