July 16, 2008

Driving Test Scam exposed!

The BBC has recently uncovered one of the biggest driving test frauds. The scam involves fraudsters taking practical driving tests for people who have paid them up to £500 to do so. The process involves the scammer to pass himself or herself off as the person in the provisional photocard.

The DSA described the problem as a very serious one. Andy Rice head of the DSA’s fraud team said “It is quite common for these people to take up to 100, sometimes over 200 tests before they are caught and arrested”.

This is a very serious problem and potentially dangerous. With people trying to cheat the system, there are so many people who are likely to have a vehicle collision. The AA recently released a post that stated that people who hadn’t took the test themselves were 9 times more likely to have an accident, which will probably be a serious one.

Britannia Driving School will not condone any cheating people and are aware that it is vital you take and pass your own driving practical test. For further information, please see our driving information pages.

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