December 29, 2011

People are turning deaf-ear to continuous warnings.

It utterly comes across as a shocking news! It apparently seems that people are making mockery of public campaigns. The official records suggest that 250 people have been caught in drink-driving tests so far this year. The report has 28 people more than the last year. What a shame? Haven’t we have taken a step further towards destruction? It would not be incorrect to put forth that we are turning away from our social/moral responsibilities. We do not have any right to cause injury to someone who travels on the road. We are putting lives at risk here. It is not about our own lives alone but we cause irreparable damage by hurting others in the process.

You would not like to leave home thinking about it all the time. There is no better way to fight against it is than by spreading awareness among people. You should ask friends and colleagues to take an initiative first. Everybody is equally involved here. We all can make a significant contribution. The need is to work together as a society and nation. We need to practice it with an unwavering amount of support.

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