December 30, 2011


Whether you are a novice driver and want to learn to drive or hold a full licence and want to improve your skills, being on the road can be rewarding and enjoyable at the same time.

Being a more experienced and confident driver will enable you to enjoy your journeys. Many drivers don’t enjoy driving and use their car because they have to, but with refresher lessons bringing you up to speed you can enjoy driving.

Stay calm on the roads, if you are a safe driver and do not allow yourself to get into situations with other road users, this will keep your stress levels down which in turn will improve your health.

Taking lessons with an approved instructor and following this up with the pass plus course and refresher lessons will not only benefit you as a driver and allow other road users and pedestrians to remain safe, but could save you money in the long term. Car insurers reward good drivers and many recognise the pass plus course and offer discounts to new drivers.

So pick up the phone today and book your lessons with Britannia Driving School on 0208 543 8050.

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