August 5, 2014

One Million Drug Drivers Behind The Wheel

A new survey has revealed the shocking statistic that almost one million drivers have been under the influence of drugs when behind the wheel – placing themselves and other road users at danger.

Experts say that drug-driving is becoming more and more of a significant social problem, with these rates on the rise for drivers caught under the influence of illegal substances or those under suspicion of the same.

Three per-cent of the 1,000 drivers questioned by the survey admitted to using drugs behind the wheel. Whilst this does not seem like a large number within itself, when applied to the 30 million driving population of the UK, as opposed to a limited 1,000 cross-section, the number suddenly suggests that approximately 900,000 drivers are behind the wheel under the influence of drugs – and perhaps many more that are not ready to own up to the offence.

With those convicted of the crime facing penalties ranging from a £5,000 fine, a driving ban of one year, or even 12 months behind bars, it is understandable that many others wouldn’t come forward, and it could be likely that many more unknown drivers are under the influence of drugs when behind the wheel.

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