September 20, 2012

Our Second Home

Just think about how much time you spend in your car. You may use it to drive to work, use it to pick the kids up from school, jump in it to go and do the shopping and use it to do other errands. You may also use your car to go and see people, to go holiday and to transport lots of things. It sometimes feels as if our car, is our second home.

It only makes sense then that our car is kept up to mark, much in the same way that we keep our homes. Make sure that you keep your car up to standard by checking it’s MOT etc. It’s worth finding out about a garage that you know and trust. Ask friends where they go and who they recommend. Having a mechanic you trust makes a big difference.

If you notice that when you press down on your brakes that the stopping distance increases, or that your car is leaking oil ensure that you contact a mechanic. Make sure that you are aware of the basics as well. For example, do you know how to check the water levels? Do you know what to do if you break down?

Making sure you have all these things in place makes a big difference to your driving experience.

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