September 21, 2012


Members from the DIA and road safety groups took part in an awareness event at St Mary’s RC High School in Croydon last month.

The event was created to provide 15-24 year olds with a taster at driving a car in a controlled environment, road awareness, but more importantly the dangers of loud music, mobile phone calls and the influence of drink and drugs whilst behind the wheel.

Experienced driving instructors took groups of pupils around different courses that had been set up in the playground and allowed them to try their hand at maneuvers.

Feedback was positive from the young people involved. They particularly found wearing vision impairment goggles a useful lesson, their driving became more nervous and coordination was off with some drivers not even able to see traffic lights. One pupil said: “That was horrible”.

Olivia Baldock from the DIA says: the scheme is about raising awareness among young drivers and driving instructors. The way that they approach younger drivers making the learning experience fun but also giving a serious message is as important as educating the learners at these events.

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