September 19, 2012


Brazil ranked eighth in the World Health Organisation’s list of road deaths in 2009 and statistics still remain high.

Up to 40,000 people a year die of Brazils roads and it is thought that poor road conditions, poorly designed motorways, high levels of drink-driving and inexperienced drivers all contribute.

Fernando Diniz was told his son had been involved in a serious car accident, when he arrived at the scene he found his 20-year-old son’s body lying in the road. The driver had been drinking and came away unscathed whilst, Mr Diniz’s son and two other passengers lost their lives.

Mr Diniz has since set up a pressure group ‘Friendly Traffic’ calling for tougher laws to punish those who drink and drive. Currently some drivers involved in traffic accidents receive much softer sentences such as being asked to donate money to charity as their crimes are often not considered to have been deliberate.

Philip Gold, a traffic specialist, says: “The government needs to improve road signs, poor-quality roads and educating drivers is vital.”

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