July 29, 2010

Cutting the cost of driving

With the price of petrol reaching prohibitive levels, and many motorists having to think twice about the necessity of their journeys or even using their cars at all, is it not time to seek advice from motor racing pundits on how we should fill our petrol tanks to maximise fuel efficiency?

Although mid-race refuelling is banned in Formula One this season, bygone fuel strategies were all about balancing fuel weight with performance efficiency. By keeping my petrol tank about half full, I find I achieve more miles per gallon. There must be automotive engineers out there who can calculate the maximum amount of fuel we should put in our tanks to achieve the best economy. Motoring organisations could compile this information for their members and make it available to others at petrol stations.

A litre of liquid weighs about a kilo and any weight saving improves economy. Disposing of a spare wheel helps, too. It is also better, apparently, to fill up on a summer’s morning rather then during the heat of the day. That way you get a denser fill

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