February 2, 2015

Night Nurse Against New Drug Limit

Police, lawyers and motoring organisations warned that drivers who take Night Nurse could fall foul of new ‘Drug Driving’ Law even if they had taken it the night before driving.

It has been warned that certain legally obtainable drugs on the list can impair drivers’ judgment and slow their reactions because they contain substances such as morphine, methadone and diazepam.

The new laws, which will be enforced with roadside drug-testing kits issued to police, are modeled on drink-driving legislation.  Motoring lawyers have highlighted that it is now possible to take Night Nurse to get you through the work day and the law be able to prosecute you for being unfit to drive.

The laws are designed to reduce the toll of fatal accidents blamed on drug-driving – currently around 200 a year. They come into force on 2 March and carry the same penalties as drink-driving: a minimum 12-month ban plus a possible fine or prison term.

The reason behind this is that prescription and over-the-counter the medications can make drivers very drowsy and severely affect their driving. Therefore, in respect of driving, such medication are as fatal as illegal drugs.

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