December 17, 2014

Drug-Driving Law

Following Scotland’s new drink-drive limit, England is set to follow with a similar limit. However, before this happens, a new offence is to be introduced into English law on 2nd March 2015 of drug driving.

Drug Driving is a term that has been referred to more regularly in recent years and there has been slow progress to formally introduce the offence. Devices to test for drugs have been in development for years but there is now formal confirmation that the government is ready to introduce this offence.

The offence itself is defined as ‘driving with certain specified controlled drugs in excess of specified levels in the body’. It is similar to the existing offence of ‘driving whilst unfit through drugs’ and the rules on impaired driving and a motorist’s fitness to drive will remain unchanged.

The offence also adds additional responsibilities to healthcare professionals and it is crucial that those who prescribe drugs fully understand the offence and convey this to patients.

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