January 30, 2015

Driving Tests Across The Globe

For many learner drivers the prospect of taking your driving test might fill you with a sense of dread and anxiety – However this feeling is not limited to the UK. Across the entire world, the test is feared, and if you lived in these other Countries, you might be able to see why.

In Ghana, road rage is particularly encouraged, with the highway code instructing drivers to scold other road users with their horn and headlights in the event of bad behaviour behind the wheel.

Greece insists on at least three people in the car during the test, whilst it is much harder to gain the highest driving qualification of driving in North Korea, with the minimum requirement being that you must be able to build a car!

However for those of you taking your driving test in Kenya, it doesn’t seem that bad – You need to firstly demonstrate your abilities with a toy car, and reportedly the test can last less than one minute!

Safe driving from Britannia!

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