September 22, 2014

Drink-Driving Stories

Drink-driving is a significant concern and being convicted of drink-driving will attract strict penalties as well as everyday consequences such as job loss and higher insurance premiums

Though this is a serious matter, there have certainly been some unusual stories involving drink-driving, the most amusing of which we have listed below:

– One man who was three times over the limit, fell out of his van whilst driving. After stalling, the van started to reverse and the driver fell out into the road

– An individual who was over the limit, took his mother’s car without her consent (he would both unlicensed and uninsured) and then bizarrely called his mother when the car broke down

– A drunk burglar fell off his bike seven times when trying to escape from police after breaking into a shop. He was caught after giving up on his bike and tripping again trying to run away from officers

– A woman was given 10 points after refusing a breathalyser when it was claimed she was drunk on her mobility scooter

The following examples had been heard by courts in South Wales, and are just a few of many bizarre drink-driving stories.

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