March 3, 2015

New Drug Driving Laws

New drug driving laws that came into effect yesterday have been causing lots of controversy across the UK. The laws, which aim to cut down on drivers using illegal drugs before getting behind the wheel, are leaving many legitimate and prescription drug-takers scratching their heads wondering whether they are still fit to drive.

The new rules sets limits at a very low level for 8 drugs commonly associated with drug-driving, for example cannabis and cocaine. However 8 prescription drugs are also included within the law, such as amphetamine and diazepam, which has left some legitimate users concerned about the rules restricting their ability to drive if they are using their medication.

However the authorities such as police have advised that if you are using your medication within the recommended dosage advised by your doctor, then you should be fine to drive, as the laws have taken this into account. However if you do have any queries regarding driving using medication, then you are advised to contact your general practitioner before getting behind the wheel.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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