June 2, 2014

Never Too Late To Learn

It is often assumed that learning to drive must be something completed when 17 or 18 and at the latest in your 20s. This is not the case.

More and more people are leaving learning to drive until later in life due to lack of funds to finance not only lessons but the two tests that must be taken. And with the practical test getting harder, it is more and more common for people to fail on their first attempt, adding to the cost.

And well, once you’ve already delayed the learning to drive process, it becomes even more convenient to put it off, especially if you live in an area blessed with excellent transport links.

However, what if you move to an area without excellent transport links, or are required by a job to have a driver’s licence? There are many limitations to not having a driving licence, and the fact that you have already put it off for a number of years should not be an excuse.

Of course the prospect could be daunting, with figures suggesting pass rates go down the older you get. At Britannia Driving School, we tailor lessons specifically to the individual – you can request a female instructor, a mature instructor, or even decide to take automatic lessons rather than manual.

It really shouldn’t be something that you put off – we recently had a fantastic pass from 72-year-old Dennis Griffin, which just shows that it really is never too late to learn!

So what are you waiting for? Book your first lesson for only £10.50!

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