May 30, 2014

Sat Navs and Safety

Many drivers in modern times find themselves becoming increasingly reliant on technology to aid their driving skills – with few aware that this could in fact be posing a great risk to your safety.

With a vast proportion of drivers now using Satellite Navigation systems in replacement of the classic map, a high number of drivers on UK roads depend on this technology to make their way around. However, a recent study has shown that a shocking 78% of Road Traffic Accidents were caused by drivers not paying enough attention to the roads – with Sat-Nav’s cited as one of the foremost reasons for distraction.

Whilst sat-navs are infinitely useful for drivers, especially when driving in new areas, you need to make sure that you do not become too dependent on them. No matter how advanced in-car technology gets, there is no substitute for a good driver – so by all means, continue to use your sat-nav systems to to your hearts content, but be sure to keep your attention where it belongs at all time – on the roads.

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