June 3, 2014

Motorway Driving

For many young or new drivers, one of the hardest tasks to tackle is that of driving on the Motorway. And whilst many drivers do manage to manoeuvre an entire motoring career without ever having to face that particular challenge, learning to drive on the motorway is one of the essential skills of any advanced driver.

Whether you will be working in a career that involves long distance driving or even a motorway-based commute, or whether it is just so you can enjoy long drives to far-off places without the necessity to follow multiple A-Roads, motorway driving really is a must – and you can learn more about this on our Pass Plus course here at Britannia!

Due to the difference between driving on normal roads and driving on the motorway, many are calling for compulsory motorway driving lessons – however we believe that with a good amount of common sense and an awareness of how motorways work, you will be just fine. And there is no better place to learn that than Britannia Driving School!

Safe driving from Britannia!

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