January 18, 2019

Myth Busted: Car Insurance

Is third party cover always cheaper than comprehensive?

Should my premium go down or stay the same each year if I don’t claim?

Want the answers? You’re in the right place.

Does lower mileage mean cheaper insurance? Often assumed, but not necessarily the case and does vary by provider. Because of those who don’t drive much might be seen as not being confident behind the wheel, being prone to accidents. If you do drive fewer miles, it may be worth looking into low mileage or ‘pay-as-you-drive‘ insurance.

Comprehensive cover allows you to drive any car? Being ‘fully comp’ automatically covers you to drive someone else’s car, right? Well, this doesn’t actually always apply. Check your documents before driving someone else’s car, you might not be covered for third party liability.

Find out more next week, when we talk about how putting the policy in your parent’s name won’t lower your premium!

Safe driving, from Britannia!