November 8, 2018

Insurance – Pay-As-You-Go

Paying thousands of pounds a month for your car which is only to be parked on your drive can be annoying.

Many cars, at least 90% will stay static in their lifetime, however, providers can now save you money if you don’t drive every day.

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Pay by the mile & by time

You can save between £100-£500 a year by effectively paying for your car insurance by pay-as-you-go! With a new technology called ‘insuretech’ – making insurance cheaper on anything such as bicycles and expensive items.

“It gives you that flexibility to do a fair comparison before you start a journey – to say, ‘Shall I walk it, shall I take the bus, or shall I take the train?'” says the company’s chief executive James Blackham.

Safe driving, from Britannia!