October 24, 2013

Measures To Reduce Cost Of Driving

The government has announced measures to help motorists cut the cost of running a car. Below are the measures announced by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling:

– The fees charged prior to obtaining a licence will be reviewed, including the current £31 for the theory test, £62 for the practical test and £50 fee for the provisional licence, to identify any opportunity to save money for the 1.5m car drivers who take their test every year
Whiplash cheats will be targeted by new independent panels which will ensure only evidence from accredited professionals can be considered. As a result, exaggerated or fraudulent claims will not be allowed whilst genuine claimants will get the help they deserve.
– The statutory maximum price of the MOT test for a car will be frozen at £54.85 until 2015
– In order to tackle high motorway fuel prices, new comparison road signs will be trialled that will show prices at different services stations en route.

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