October 25, 2013

Check Your Tyre Pressure

Maintaining your vehicle is just as important as learning to operate it correctly. One of the main factors of good car maintenance is checking that you have the right amount of pressure in your tyres.

Over-inflated tyres will be hard to handle correctly. Under-inflated tyres are much more likely to overheat. Both of these pose serious safety risks, so do not underestimate the importance of keeping an eye on your tyre pressure.

By not maintaining your tyre pressure, you are effectively reducing the life expectancy of your tyres, which will lead to unnecessary purchasing of replacement tyres that could have easily been avoided if you had taken more care of them. You will also be much more likely to pass your dreaded MOT with correctly inflated tyres.

You will also be throwing away money on fuel, as tyres that are not inflated to the optimum level will not be fully fuel-efficient. In this day and age, every penny counts, so keep your tyre pressure at the recommended level and see your money go further.

To keep your pressure at the right level, you will need to find the recommended Tyre Pressure for your car – this can usually be found in the manual provided with your car. If your car is not brand new, and does not have a manual, a little research online or by contacting the manufacturer or other ‘in-the-know’ people should do the trick.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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