October 22, 2013

Motorway Driving

For many young drivers, their first time driving on a motorway can be a daunting experience. Here are a few tips to help the uninitiated with Motorway Driving:

– Prepare well. Plan your journey ahead, know exactly where you need to get on and off the motorway, and pack for eventualities, such as food and drink for rest stops on long journeys, or even blankets (better to be safe than sorry!). Perform all necessary checks on your car – oil, fuel, tyre pressure, windscreen washer fluid, just to make sure you are fully ready for your journey.

– When entering a motorway, use your signals and mirrors correctly. Between exiting the slip road and entering the motorway is likely the time your nerves will get the better of you – so remember to stay calm. D not rush onto the motorway, but don’t dawdle either, as this can cause tailbacks which will cause you unnecessary pressure.

– Take it easy. Motorways are notorious for erratic driving, and it always helps to be calmer behind the wheel. Indicate well before attempting any manoeuvre, to give the driver ahead of you plenty of notice, and check your mirrors and windows regularly to keep an eye on what all other drivers around you are doing.

– When preparing to leave the motorway, plan ahead. As you pass the penultimate junction, start preparing to leave already. Move towards the outer lanes now, in order to compensate for any rushes in traffic that might delay you later. Slow your speed down as soon as you enter the deceleration lane shortly before your junction approaches, and ensure you indicate well in advance to alert other drivers of your actions.

– Once leaving the motorway, remember you are back on normal roads now. Many drivers make the mistake of maintaining a high speed after leaving a motorway. So don’t forget, speeding is illegal!

If you are still nervous about Motorway driving, or feel you could brush up on these skills, why not look into Britannia’s Pass Plus courses?

Safe driving from Britannia!

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