August 27, 2014

Many Unaware Of The Abolition Of The Tax Disc

Paper tax discs are due to be abolished from 1st October and be replaced by electronic records, however, many drivers are at risk of fines because they have had insufficient warning of this by the government.

Fewer than half of drivers are aware of the changes, which prevent the discs being passed to new owners when cars are sold. Under the new rules, car sellers must tell the DVLA immediately of the change of ownership, and the new owner must register to pay tax before driving the car away.

Drivers do not need to do anything until their disc is due for renewal. At that point, you will receive a renewal notice to pay online, by phone or in the Post Office. The new system also allows drivers to set up a direct debit.

Under the new system, the police only require number plates to identify those breaching the rules. The online database would include every car’s tax status next to the registration number. Drivers will be watched by cameras on the roads and inspectors armed with access to the database.

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