March 2, 2011


Applying for your first provisional licence has never been easier, with more and more people using the online service.

The criteria you must meet in order to use the online service is small and as long as you can do the following, you should receive your licence within two weeks of applying:

You must be a resident of Great Britain

You must meet the minimum age requirement and eyesight requirement

Have a valid form of ID such as a UK passport

Are not prevented from driving already

Can provide details of where you have resided in the last three years

Be able to make payment for the sum of £50 using a valid debit or credit card

To obtain a provisional licence the DVLA require a photo and a signature. If you use your passport as ID, they may be able to electronically capture the photo and signature required.

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “If you are not in position to use the online service, it is very easy to complete the D1 form which can be collected from your local post office.”

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