November 4, 2013

Driving In London

Many people regard driving in London as difficult with much traffic, large congested roundabouts and a number of drivers not being as careful as they should. For this reason, it is understandable why it would be daunting to tackle driving in London, let alone learning to drive in London.

Of course it is easy for young Londoners to put off learning to drive for these reasons as well as the excellent transport links that are easier to use than driving in London. Add to that that some of the lowest pass rates are found at London’s test centres – the reasons to put off learning to driver seem to be greater than the reasons to pick up learning to drive.

However, this should not put people off wanting to learn to drive. Learning to drive in London should not be any different to learning to drive anywhere with side roads to enable pupils to start learning and the complicated routes providing learners with significant skills that will prove useful as a driver.

Intensive courses in London are also successful as pupils will take a significant number of hours over the space of a week making the notorious London driving test significantly easier.
Don’t put off learning to drive and once you have passed keep driving, if you are still nervous about driving in London, why not look into Britannia’s refresher courses?

Safe Driving from Britannia!

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