April 17, 2012

Life-Saving Skills are also a part of Bus Driver’s Daily Schedule.

Phil Forester has saved Nicolle Marshall’s life. The timely medical help adds another  lifeline. Nicolle Marshall was traveling in a bus when she had an epileptic fit. Phil Forester pulled his bus over. He started CPR on her to buy as much time before the expert medical team arrives on the scene. His wife was also there accompanying him as a co-driver. She continued on with her duty and took the position behind the wheel. She drove to meet the ambulance. Nicolle was taken to the nearest hospital (Northallerton)  in Yorkshire.

It is hard for Nicolle to give back or remember anything now. Her life has been saved by a hero. Phil Forester has showed immense courage and presence of mind to do what is considered to be the best thing under the given circumstances. His responsible approach was sufficient enough to save the day. It comes across as an inspiring tale. We are sometimes helped or saved by people whom we have nothing in common with. Nicolle is as healthy as ever now. We all need to appreciate Mr. Forester together. It is an act like this which instills a belief in us that there are greater forces guarding our planet. We feel good as a society and nation.

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