April 16, 2012


Research has shown that over £200m of damage has been caused by drivers who have misread directions or been given misleading information from their sat navs.

It is thought that 83% of motorists have been mislead by their sat nav and more than a half of motorists admit shouting at it, me included.

I think in many cases, motorists take the directions and instruction to literally, such as a lady who heard sat nav tell her to take the next left and she did just that, onto a railway track. However, the sat nav is also to blame, with directions that are impossible to follow, such as doing a u-turn in the middle of the motorway.

Drivers need to remember to up-date their sat nav, as new roads and crossings may be introduced and not picked up. But more importantly drivers need to use their initiative and use sat nav as purely a guide.

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