April 18, 2012


The percentage of young drivers on the road has dropped by 3% over the past three years and it’s thought young people are being pushed of the roads and on to the trains.

The Association of Train Operators say that the number of 16-25 year old railcard holders has reached an astonishing 1.2million, which is a third higher than the figures in 2005.

Statistics also show that there are around 1.2million uninsured drivers on the road, one in ten of these are young drivers aged between 17 and 20. The huge insurance costs are thought to be the cause, with premiums up 20% over the last year.

More and more young people are passing their test but not being able to afford to have a car. One young driver from Lincoln, found the cheapest quote for his 1.4 litre at £2000.

With insurance companies no longer able to offer females lower premiums as of December this year, this is thought to add to the number of drivers pushed off the road.

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