December 13, 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Motorists will be glad that we are not reliving the snow frenzy we had last year. It was a time when Britain suffered badly. Motorways were closed, roads were a write off, cars slid, people couldn’t get to work and airports came to a complete standstill. There was outrage and anger from Manchester to London and beyond.

At the moment, (*he touches wood) we are doing ok. Yes, on a few mornings you have to get the de-icer out and give the car a once over but it’s nothing compared to what we suffered previously. And may i just point out i am not complaining about not having any snow. Sadly, my children are but as i tell them, they are not the one’s having to face the wrath of snow each and every morning and trying to get it off the car. They’re the ones throwing it at their friends.

It makes me wonder though, if we did have snow, how much have we learnt from last year and how would we be more prepared to face the hassle of it? Would Heathrow be shut down and thousands of people stranded again? Would motorways still be no go areas?

Let us all hope that the snow stays away.

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