December 14, 2011

How are you going to celebrate this festive season?

It becomes a collective responsibility of all to make roads safe and secure during this festive season. The Local Councils have issued a warning that people should get their act right or face severe consequences for causing trouble to others. The Christmas Drink Driving and Drug Drive Campaign has been launched again this year. It was a successful social drive last year when it was introduced for the first time. What kind of image do we portray in front of our children when we come back home under the influence of drugs or alcohol? There is no point in following double standards here.

We should celebrate Christmas season in its true spirit.

The emergence of virtual courts has made it relatively effective. It has all been done to protect us. It is often witnessed that hundreds of people are involved in fatal accidents every year during this period. The police authorities are making every attempt to make people realise of their social responsibilities. Isn’t it a bit clumsy? The legitimate definition of making celebrations has nothing to do with hitting or killing other people.

You can still go out, celebrate it in a way you would want to and come back home without making life tough for others. This is the time to play our part to perfection.

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