December 12, 2011


An internal inquiry done by the Department for Transport has found that thousands of drivers deemed ‘high risk’ have been able to get back behind the wheel without undergoing medical checks.

Drivers who lose their licence due to refusing to give a breath sample, those that are disqualified for driving twice in two years and those drivers who were more than two and a half times over the legal limit are all classed as ‘high risk’ offenders.

Around 8,000 letters are being sent out to drivers who have been re-issued their licence without a medical check.  They will be required to give a blood and urine sample, undergo a physical examination and complete an alcohol history questionnaire by an approved doctor.

The DVLA then decide whether the driver is still deemed ‘high risk’ and should have their licence withheld.

Even more embarrassing for the ministers but it also emerged that some records have been destroyed, meaning these drivers will never be chased up.

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