August 24, 2017

Keeping Your Cool in Traffic Jams

Perhaps one of the trickiest things for some drivers when stuck in heavy traffic on the motorway is holding their temper. Congestion is a frustrating business, especially as we’re all trying to get somewhere on time. Losing your cool will achieve nothing, except heighten your blood pressure and possibly trigger road rage.

If you are stuck in heavy motorway traffic due to an accident and/or fatality, remind yourself that you could be a lot worse off. You may arrive at your destination late, but at least you will get there in one piece. Suggestions to help you remain calm in traffic jams include practising controlled breathing – this is not only a proven technique for eliciting relaxation, it’s also simple enough to do behind the wheel.

Stay tuned into the traffic news on your radio or listen to soothing music, providing it does not distract you once you’re back on the move. It’s important to stay aware and be ready to react accordingly, even when stuck in traffic jams.

Safe driving from Britannia!