January 17, 2013

Another Fatal Accident.

We’ve always been upfront and honest about our view on using your phone when driving: don’t do it, ever!

The recent tragedy of a man who was killed on the A19 near Northallerton, North Yorkshire by a women who was texting is a real tragedy.

This is yet another example of the horrific things that can happen when you are distracted by your phone.If you are someone who is tempted to use their phone when you drive, have a look at these tips:

1) Before you set out to drive check your phone for any messages, is there any one you need to get back to?
2) Put your mobile on silent so that you aren’t distracted by it.
3) If you’re phone keeps ringing and you sense it’s an emergency, simply find a convenient place to park up.
4) Update your answering machine message updating people to leave a message.

Please don’t use your phone whilst driving.

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